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This is an offshore trading company offering FX and CFD trading with an FSA license. Offshore brokers tend to lure clients into depositing as much as they can. The Financial Securities Authority (FSA) of Seychelles belongs to the Tier 3 group and that’s the official regulator of this broker. Since they are providing services outside of Seychelles, they should comply as well with the regulations of those countries where they operate. Let’s take a look at this detailed LimeFx review to see more.

One of the best methods to learn about the forex market is through webinars. LimeFx is a suitable platform for traders to learn about the market through free webinars. The broker makes no clear mention of deposit or withdrawal fees. If they determine that your account has no trading activity, they may levy a 3% administration fee against you by the Client Services Agreement. The broker does not mention deposit and withdrawal fees on the website or in the Client Services Agreement. They may charge a 3% administration fee for no trading activity.

Account Types

As more and more Forex trading platforms emerge to meet your trading needs, so do fraudulent brokers determined to separate you from your money. While it is easy to find a forex broker as there are many brokers online, you should first do your research and find the broker who offers all the resources you want. With so much competition, forex brokers are consistently improving their products and trying to provide the best trading conditions to clients. The LimeFx website offers different trading account types to meet your trading needs. Regardless of the version you choose to use, LimeFx’s focus on the user experience has resulted in a seamless user experience. Each desktop and mobile app version has a range of movable features that let users customize the trading platform to suit their particular needs and preferences.

  • The company reserves the right to apply a 3% ‘no trading’ fee when a trader has deposited and requested to withdraw funds without entering one trade.
  • You can check our Financial Services Register to make sure a firm is authorised and has permission for the service it’s offering you.
  • It enables
    traders to potentially magnify their profits if the market moves in their
    favour, but losses as well, if the market moves against them.
  • The minimum deposit to open an account with
    LimeFx is $50.

A reliable and regulated broker will invest in effective technologies and will ensure that all necessary steps have been taken to keep your data and funds safe. Forex brokers have to meet the specific requirements of a regulator in order to be licensed to provide financial services. More traditional brokers don’t operate online but offer their trading services independently. LimeFx, a trustworthy company, has strict security regulations.

I want to quickly give a shout-out to the education section of this broker?. I believe that the podcasts are especially important to people whofrequently multi-task and find it hard to create the time to settle down and pick up a book, or watch a video. The broker really did think outside the box for that one. However, you should note the broker’s offshore status and unregulated trading terms, such as incredibly high leverage. In addition to one-click trading, the platform
offers other features, such as hedging and scalping, which can maximise

LimeFx Leverage & Margin Requirements

offers multiple payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, including bank
transfers, credit cards, e-wallets, and more. Overall, LimeFx is emerging as a leading forex and CFD broker because of its advanced and best-in-class trading services. The best part of using this brokerage platform is its commission-free trading feature. The broker charges overnight fees for holding positions overnight.

Talk to our skilled and trustworthy professionals if you’ve lost money trading with LimeFx. Simply attempting such action intentionally or unintentionally is forbidden and attracts a fee of EUR 60. This highly irregular and standard scamming practice prevents you from reversing your cash.


Overall, LimeFx has competitive fees, making
it an attractive option for forex and other market traders. For some experienced traders that are looking for copy trading, social trading and EAs this is not a good choice. Some
of the advanced trading orders available on the MT4 platform include Buy Stop,
Sell Stop, Buy Limit, and Sell Limit.


LimeFx does not allow you to make any reversals or chargebacks after making a deposit. LimeFx is a new offshore broker in the Forex market with no history or background information. They can speculate that the price of an asset will go up or down and can make a profit or loss depending on the direction of the market. All information on is only published for general information purposes. We do not present any investment advice or guarantees for the accuracy and reliability of the information.

How to open a trading account at

Whether you’re a forex trader or
other financial instrument trader, this broker can offer you the necessary
tools to make informed decisions and succeed in your trading activities. The MT4 platform is available in different
versions, such as the desktop limefx forex brokers reviews version and the mobile app. Traders can also use
the platform’s web version to access the markets from any computer with an
internet connection. Let’s look at some of the core features of MT4 helping
traders manage their trading activities.

Moreover, for traders who find it challenging
to place manual trades all time, the platform offers one-click trading that
simplifies the whole process. The entire trading system of LimeFx is
designed to be secure and reliable for its clients. In addition, the broker’s
customer service team is readily available 24/5 so that traders can get their
queries addressed quickly. Traders
can use these instruments to create diversified portfolios and maximise their
profits. The wide selection of instruments makes it easy for traders to find
the markets that best suit their trading strategies. Traders
also have access to a wide range of expiry dates, and they can trade futures
daily, weekly, or monthly.

They are a highly risky broker with a very quickly deserved bad reputation. Contact us directly for further inquiries about our products and services. Whether
you prefer fixed or floating spreads, LimeFx has you covered. One of the most common questions every new trader asks – Whether the broker is legit or a scam?

Banking on Data: the World’s First-Ever Common Currency

The leverage level can be adjusted according
to the traders’ individual needs, allowing them to take control of their
trading strategies. For example, if a forex trader has $250 in their account,
they can take a position worth up to $250,000 with the help of leverage. The LimeFx platform also offers a detailed
charting package, helping traders to make better trading decisions. With a deep
liquidity pool in futures trading, traders can take large positions without
worrying about slippage. Metal trading is an excellent option for
traders looking to diversify their portfolios and spread the risk. Traders can
enjoy more liquidity and higher trading volumes while trading these metals on
the LimeFx platform.

withdrawal methods are similar to the deposit methods, including wire
transfers, credit/debit cards, and wallets. Some
popular technical indicators available on the MT4 platform include Moving
Averages, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Average Directional Index (ADX), and
Parabolic SAR. With KYC (Know Your Customer) and anti-money laundering (AML) procedures in place,
LimeFx ensures its clients comply with the necessary regulations.






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